Kenneth Feinberg – The “Pay Czar”

Follow The Money

It’s amazing that a man in charge of paying Americans compensation for disasters doesn’t think “life should be fair”.. and has clearly stated that he is worried about Jewish people becoming American and losing their loyalty to Israel and instead being loyal to America instead. This Zionist was in charge of payouts for the 9/11 Attacks (which the State of Israel was implicated in), Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, Agent Orange, the Holocaust, The B.P. Oil Spill, the Banker Bailout Scandal and the Zaprudar film, amongst other litigation.

He got payment to the corrupt CEOs during the Bailout Scandal very quickly.. but many people with plenty of paperwork starving to death from The Gulf Spill couldn’t get compensated to save their lives.

Isn’t it at all strange to anyone else that one man is in charge of all these tragedies?

He’s not even done with BP litigation, yet he continues to…

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