2 thoughts on “Currency Options for a Free Scotland”

  1. Money Must, Can Only Be, Commodity-Based

    This money/currency issue is always useful, even necessary, to grasp and understand–for the money system is ALWAYS the ultimate tool by which the Satanists take control–as they’ve done in Jew S A and all over the world.

    WHAT is “money,” anyway?–it’s absolutely necessary to grasp.

    For Jews/Satanists always persuade the stupid puke of corrupt and perverted states they need “more” money–a greater quantity–“fiat”-money and “central banking,” which then causes TWO things, (a) INFLATION of prices, following inflation of money supply, and (b) MORE LOANS issued to the suckers.

    So what then happens given these two conflcting eventualities, inflation and debt?–ANSWER: the (a) inflation and loans will continue UNTIL the inflation, esp. of prices, must be halted by means of curtailing the increase of money supply, also known as “deflation.”

    (b) BUT THEN what happens to the loans?–for with the deflation, NOW there’s NO MONEY to pay-off the loans–get it?–and this ALWAYS happens w. fiat-money systems which ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS FAIL–the average life-span for such fiat-money systems being about 27-28 yrs before the final collapse has to happen.

    US Federal Reserve Bank has now gone for over a hundred yrs.–BUT the up-coming and imminent CRASH is going to be EPIC.

    That’s why the ONLY proper money is COMMODITY-money, the best commodity to be used being gold and/or silver. For commodity money cannot be inflated.

    Jews/Satanists hate commodity money because they can’t replicate/proliferate (inflate) it, THEN HALTING THE INCREASE (when the price-inflation threatens to become HYPER-inflation, as of Weimar Germany of mid 1920s) causing defaults and bankruptcies for non-payment of the increased loans, the banks then taking all the collateral put-up for the loans by the suckers who went in for the fiat-system in the first place.

    So u see, THERE’S NO CHOICE but commodity-money standard, hence gold/silver standard–anything else–any non-commodity standard–will lead necessarily to horrific catastrophe.

    Best ref.s on the money issue are G.Edward Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” as at RealityZone.com; Griffin also has lots of vids on YouTube.com. The Austrian school of economics has the best understanding of the money issue at Mises.org. Perhaps greatest Austrian theorist/writer is Murray Rothbard in his books, “The Mystery of Banking,” “What Has Government Done To Our Money,” and “History of Money and Banking in The United States,” and others too.


    1. Note Charging-Of-Interest Is Totally Irrelevant–NOT Essence Of “Usury” Problem

      Oh–and one extremely important note to make about this “central-banking” and “fiat”-money regarding issue of “USURY” and charging interest.

      For note Jews/Satanists ALWAYS want to divert the issue to charging-of-interest, pretending interest-charging is the real problem.

      But note, as in above exposition–it doesn’t matter if charging interest is done or not–the simple increase of money supply itself increases the amount of loans. And these loans will go bust and in default when the money-supply is curtailed–“INTEREST” HAS NOTHING TO DO W. IT.

      Further, there’s extremely important issue at stake w. the “interest” subject. For charging of interest is matter of contract btwn among parties quite APART fm the strict economic issue which, as I note, is TOTAL “red-herring” diversion.

      Note also the meaning of USURY is not given fm the ancient sources–it (usury) is associated w. charging-of-interest perhaps, but it isn’t and couldn’t be the real, root and essential cause of the necessary, inevitable crashing of the fiat-money system, and bankers taking people’s property.

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