Doctor Who: Deep Breath (EPISODE REVIEW)


After being off our television screens for nearly 8 months now, we can take a sigh of relief deep breath as Doctor Who has returned! In a story written by Steven Moffat to bring a new, changed, older appearing incarnation of the Doctor to the forefront as he wars within to find himself. As much as this episode focused on Capaldi bumbling about and finding his feet anew, it was equally Clara’s show as she attempted to grasp the newly regenerated Doctor.

My initial impression of the episode was mixed. I loved Capaldi’s take, his fast-paced nonsense, the anger evident, and the confusion apparent. But I also felt myself uneased by the attempt at making an episode with more mature themes, whilst still pushing it as a children’s program. Why was it necessary for Jenny to reiterate the fact that she is married 5 times throughout the episode? We already…

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