2 thoughts on “Skull and Bones and the Hegelian control system”

  1. Very interesting video u post here, tiger. But note “secret societies” are powerless, regardless of anything else, unless they have some means to serious power–which then is given, without any doubt, by means of such as US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam which just literally prints-up fiat-money, giving these criminals an incredible advantage over everyone else.

    Wouldn’t u like to be able to just print-up all the “money” (fiat-money) u wanted?–then u’d own everything and everyone, eh?

    Central-banking (like the US Fed) gets-by, even as we speak here, as people CANNOT figure-out what MONEY is–a medium of exchange which must have its own (“intrinsic”) value–it can be ANY commodity, though it always eventually becomes gold and/or silver, these being best commodities to use for money.


    1. And my pt. is that Skull-and-Bones is powerful as it’s closely connected to same oligarchs (esp. bankers) behind the Fed scam. Other, related organizations are Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–the American branch of the original English “Round-Table” societies), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.


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