Bill Shorten rape investigation and the video that shows the Labor Party cover-up strategy

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Bill Shorten named himself as the suspect in the Victoria police rape investigation at 3pm on Thursday the 21st August. Just over an hour later at 4.15pm the same day ALP Vice President Tony Sheldon denied in a very aggressive manner that Bill Shorten was the suspect in the rape investigation, as the below video shows. That raises a lot of questions that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party need to answer.

How did Tony Sheldon’s lie happen or does he really expect us to believe he knew nothing? Mr Sheldon had been in the witness stand at the Trade Union Royal Commission for 2 hours and was not aware that Bill Shorten named himself. So Mr Sheldon stuck to the Labor Party strategy of lying and denying Bill Shorten was a rape suspect.

In this post we look at evidence of the cover-up by the Labor Party and Bill Shorten which has been…

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