Timeline: Adam Lanza’s Life and Online Activity

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Everything we know about the events leading up to the Sandy Hook shooting, in order, and with references cited.

NOTE: Other shootings are only referenced here if a specific connection to the Lanza case is known. Also, all entries marking an online post from Kaynbred/Smiggles/Blarvink/Adam Lanza will be in bold. For screengrabs/links of a specific “Kaynbred” or “Smiggles” post, refer to the appropriate prior blog post.

Latest update: 5/27/2014 – Added information from Andrew Solomon’s interview with Peter Lanza, as well as a few notes from the ShockedBeyondBelief forum posts.


April 22, 1992: Adam Peter Lanza is born to Peter and Nancy Lanza in Kingston, NH.

February 9, 1999: Nancy Lanza emails a friend in Kingston about their move to Sandy Hook: “Adam is doing well here, and seems to be enjoying the new school.” http://www.columbian.com/news/2013/feb/17/raising-adam-lanza/

2001: Adam Lanza’s parents separate. Their…

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