4 thoughts on “Sandy Hook parent seeks patsy to stalk Sandy Hoaxer… This shit just got real.”

  1. It is not OK to stalk people. It is not OK to be a victim’s parent then use criminal means to silence people even if the people you want to silence are bugshit crazy, lowlife entrepreneurs or fellow intel operators.

    And who the fuck is Lenny Pozner? How many surnames can one small family have?


  2. They’re JEWS, tiger–Jews are higher type of human-being, didn’t u know?–they can get-away w. things mere mortals can’t, don’t forget.


    1. Who says Pozner doesn’t have the right to fight back? The Sandy Hook parents have put up with these appaling slurs for long enough. Visit the Sandy Hook Hoax site and read the comletely unsubstantiated filth that they spew out. Anyone who thinks that that constitutes “just asking questions” is as batshit crazy as them.


      1. Mogga: u’re just a LIAR, that’s all–“completey un-substantiated” is flat-out lie, u scum.

        Even if u’re not a kike urself, un-questionably the case u want to dis-arm the people, u believe in “global warming” as pretext to install full dictatorship, etc., etc., etc.


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