The Next Star Trek TV Animated Series!

Hugh Fox III

Galactic_Quadrant_Star_Trek Dominion vs Borg

Star Trek has had only one animated series over thirty years ago (Star Trek: The Animated Series).  The next Star Trek TV show should be an animated series because of the success of Star Wars: The Clone Wars shows this sort of animation can work.  Also, Star Trek needs to create a new generation of Star Trek fans if the franchise is to survive in the future and animation is especially popular among younger viewers.  I would like to make the following proposals for a new Star Trek animated series:

1) The Romulan War

This animated series would be set in the time period after the events of Star Trek: Enterprise but before events of Star Trek: The Original Series.  The Federation is engaged in a long protracted cold war that occasionally turns hot with the Romulans!

2) The Borg versus the Dominion

This series is set…

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