A Grim Fairy Tale – THE GHOST DANCE

Bu ha ni ni ni naissa’asan hi tu ni ba hu ta ni ni ni ba hu

The original Wovoka Ghost Dance was nonviolent, the Lakota made into war medicine, which didn’t work. Doing it peacefully as in this delightful tale would certainly work.

We would go from Locutus of CNN to There Will Come Soft Rains in about a New York Minute after psychic critical mass was reached.



Hello, children. Would you like to hear a story?





It began as a television show: a dance contest with a Native American theme, financed with Native American money accumulated slowly over the years from slot machine and roulette revenues.


Auditions were held in New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Houston, Kansas City, San Francisco and lost Angeles. Contestants from all walks of life were asked to perform a complex set of steps called “the Ghost Dance”.



The competition was fierce.  The dance itself was hypnotic. The show was a hit – outperforming every program in its time slot and eventually becoming the most popular television show in America.



In its 3rd season, the show began promoting what it called “Ghost Dance Day” during which the show’s growing television audience was invited to join in the fun. The goal…

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