Terence McKenna Admits To Being An Agent?

terence_piv“when I reached La Churerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then “THEY” recruited me. And said, you know, with a mouth like yours there’s a place for you in our organization. And, uh, I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the present.” – Terence McKenna

If you have followed the work of mercurial, yet highly intellectual author and scholar, Jan Irvin, you’ve no doubt witnessed many a conversation revolving around the grand conclusion that the New Age and Psychedelic Movements were generated by the CIA. I’m not here to say whether or not I agree with this in totality, but Jan has produced mountains of documentation on the overall subject at his website. It has just broken today that an associate of Mr. Irvin’s has released new evidence of Terence McKenna directly admitting to have worked for “they”.   It is possible he was speaking about “the machine elves”, but the way he says it makes it sound more like he was making a quick and clever admission to more dubious activity.  “Am I the Alien ambassador?” – he says…  There will doubtlessly be more articles to come debating what this really means, but for now we will just give you the facts as they seem to be and let you decide for yourself.

– See more at: http://disinfo.com/2013/08/terence-mckenna-admits-to-being-an-agent/#sthash.iSYqRf7q.dpuf

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