Unexploded Bomb: “denying” the holocaust six million figure versus “denying” the holocaust

Nazis mass murdered people, including a shit ton of Jewish people. Fact.

Marxists have killed a shit ton more people, and many of the marxist mass murderers were and are jewish. Also fact.

The two don’t relate.

As I said on Yt and elsewhere, it does jews no good to lie about the holocaust, even though it’s their natural inclination to make book on everything they touch. They were victims of mass murder in Nazi controlled territories. Some jews, notably the luciferian monsters of zionism, DID A DEAL with Nazis- to export jewish people, against their will, to Palestine. Jews did that, hand in hand with Nazis. This explains the strong Nazi flavour of zionism- many of them were for all intents and purposes Nazis. Many more were the soviet equivalent of SS, Komissars.

This fact doesn’t relate to the mass murder in World War 2 either. The two are separate.

The six million figure is a provable lie, from the 1920s to the 1940s. The fact, documented, that zionists were happy, delighted in fact, to exploit jewish war dead to both get credibility in post war Europe and drive jews to Palestine is a disgusting fact.

But the Nazi mass murder is also a fact and also disgusting.

Arguing over whether there were death showers etc. is necessary because of the ever widening net the holocaust industry casts, because of the abuse of power by jews like Australian attorney general Brandis to silence critics and because although jewish culture sees nothing wrong with holy lies and monetary exploitation it is as alien to white culture as the barbarism of islam. And it diminishes the utter horror of the rapes, murders and torture carried out by Nazis, soviets, post-war jewish marxist monsters in communist occupied territories and the Russian mass rape of the Germans in 1945-1949. Likewise it means there can be no clear discussion of the genocide of the aryan peoples of Germany, Czekoslovakia, Croatia and Poland after World War 2 by jewish marxists.

There are many uncomfortable truths in real history, but the jews diminish their own cause by compulsively lying about their own victimhood. It is counter productive.

At what point does it matter if it was 100,000, 4 and one half million or even the once common grossly inflated figures such as 8 or 11 million?

One vile murder is too many, and the Nazis were mass murderers.

And so were the allies, and the Imperial Japanese.

And especially – so were the post war jewish marxists.


4 thoughts on “Unexploded Bomb: “denying” the holocaust six million figure versus “denying” the holocaust”

  1. The Holohoax Is NOTHING But Lies; Nazis Were Heroes–And This Is What Half-Asses Can’t Figure Out

    So Tiger: is this posting ur own work?–I don’t see any other attribution citation as u often give.

    Regardless, I think u go far too far for ur laying a “pox on all their houses.” And u DON’T express the proper historical attitude of TRUTH above all, equating as u do Jew filth and murderers WHO WORSHIP LIES along w. gentiles and Christians.

    U can’t seem to figure-out that Jews are DIFFERENT, and their stinking, filthy religion is DIFFERENT. And THERE ARE NO “GOOD” JEWS–they all follow the Talmud and/or are loyal to those who do.

    The Jew-associated allies are the murderers, Nazis WERE NOT, and this is demonstrable by the actual facts of history.

    U need to find out what the Talmud teaches–see RevisionistReview.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo.

    Jews MUST lie–lies are ALL THEY DO, all they’re good for, and lying about the holohoax is NECESSARY for them to justify their lies about everything else and their mass-murders of gentiles as we see recently, just a few days ago in Gaza.

    If ur “ART” is similar to this idiot, half-assed “history” u present for this posting, U’RE WORTHLESS. U need to start to getting a clue and cut this half-baked bullshit appropriate only for children, buddy.


    1. Some people can clear an obstacle with one big jump, other people need to climb over it step by step. No point putting an argument in its strongest form, for in this way we see how the weaker argument prevails over the stronger, to quote the classics.


      1. Jews Are The Murderers, Not Gentiles

        Good Lord, tiger, but WHAT are u talking about? Let me ask again–is this posting ur own work???? If so, u’ve made HUGE mistake, EQUATING the poor victims, the noble Germans and Christians, w. the satanic, Jew criminals and instigators of WWII, as I emphasize.

        Don’t forget what happened for WWII–the Germans, who’d LOST WWI, don’t forget, were attacked by the Jew-controlled plutocrats. Britain and France declared war against Germany–NOT the other way ’round–and this was AFTER Britain made an OFFENSIVE alliance w. Poland, in March 1939, against Germany, the Poles trying to take the German city of Danzig, mass-murdering thousands of German civilians who’d been caught in the territory illegitimately taken by Poland after WWI. Ck the work of David Hoggan, “The Forced War.”

        The Germans WERE NOT “mass-murderers”–this is a lie, and if u say this, U’RE LYING. The Germans were those who were attacked by Jew-controlled and -manipulated West. Holohoax lies are meant as COVER for the Jew-Bolshevik mass-murders.


  2. It totally matters if “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” were deliberate hoaxes perpetrated by the Allies.

    It’s the difference between the “murder” you claim and dying of typhus and other war-related conditions, similarly to the approximately 1 million Germans who died in Allied POW camps.

    Learn more at HolocaustHoaxMuseum.com


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