JFK murder conspiracy

JFK murder conspiracy- if JFK was killed because he was going to take USA out of Viet Nam, and he was, was he also killed because he was going to end the cold war, with all its lovely money for the military-industrial-congressional complex?

Rather than esoteric and frankly, silly, reasons such as JFK was killed because he was going to reveal the truth about Roswell, a more prosaic explanation, that still includes the UFO cover stories and secret space… Is that JFK was going to end the cold war by revealing that the missile gap was a lie. In one stroke that would end the cold war and also destroy the justification for the UFO cover stories.

What we are left with, behind all the stupidity of UFO cover stories such as Roswell, Zeta Reticuli and so on- is the reality of military abductions, intense programmes relating to gravity drive engines, electromagnetic parasitic fuel sources, mind control and occult forces by the least overt parts of the DIA CIA NSA DISC pool. It is incontrovertible that enormous sums have been spent and are still spent on what the common herd would consider beyond fringe topics such as contact with nonhuman entities, PK, exploring ruins on other planets and so on.

All the real focuses of research are identifiable quite easily, because they are the subjects that the lapdog media and the political puppets won’t go near.

The real question is the degree of linkage between the different subverted and suppressed subjects. Are they part of a grand design or not?

If they are, then not only is there a secret space programme and a whole corpus of secret John Dee style mathematics-magic being compiled by the spooks, but it would mean that all those missing people and missing and abused children are part of the experiments too. Perhaps they are the price the nonhumans demand.

If you self censor yourself rather than questioning everything- such as what “everybody knows” about JFK, UFOs, satanism and mind control- if you won’t question scientifically, no holds barred- you will get nowhere.

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