Guardians of the Galaxy (MOVIE REVIEW)

DC is soooooo far behind on this it’s like a replay of the silver age when Marvel comics beat down DC comics on the newstands. It’s happened again… And the same fallout will happen too- Marvel film universe people will jump over to DC projects etc.etc.

As long as they keep the poison touch comicbook hacks far far away from the films they will stay golden.


If you’ve entertained any hesitancy on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy because you’re not sure if it’ll be any good, I’m here to tell you to drop those hesitancies right this second. Guardians takes the dysfunctional team dynamic of The Avengers, throws it into a galaxy far, far away, and injects 80s pop culture references aplenty, to become one of the funniest, wackiest, most imaginative pieces of film ever produced. If by some horrible misfortune Marvel Studios stop producing films and their popularity wanes, the cult following that is sure to ensue with this series will live strong and for some time yet. The tenth Marvel Studios film again sets a new standard for the superhero genre and, dare I say, may even give The Avengers a run for their money.

To call Guardians of the Galaxy a superhero film may be a slight stretch, despite existing in the same…

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9 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy (MOVIE REVIEW)”

  1. “Swagger” (For Sake Of Itself) The Ideal For Hip Little Queers And Morons, Evidently

    Gad, tiger, but this so-called “review” by “Geekritique” is just a bunch of absurd babbling, saying very little about any actual STORY or plot–he seems to extol the movie simply for style and characterization. The review, by “Geekritique,” and mentality it represents is notable in itself.

    “Geekritique” ADMITS the movie “doesn’t take itself too seriously”–that it’s all about “swagger.”

    Then we get this sort of redundancy: “…and the hilarious absurdity that follows makes it easily Marvel’s most eccentric and funny film to date.” The “absurdity” makes it “eccentric”–get it?–is this brilliant logic?

    I suspect “Geekritique” is nothing but (a) a queer, who’s (b) a paid shill by the Jews who produced the movie, that’s all, and they’re all about attracting queers for the audience.

    Does this really make any sense?–“Regardless, the film had very little wrong with it. It was so fast paced that even if there were plot holes, you honestly didn’t have a chance to catch them lest the story leave you behind.” So evidently, the movie is for stupid kids who are taken-in by action-for-action’s sake, who don’t care if the movie otherwise makes NO SENSE.

    The last paragraph has this: “Honestly, the most spectacular thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that it has been essentially, until now, a completely underground entity.” So being “completely underground” is “spectacular”? So if “underground” means UN-KNOWN, then being unknown is “spectacular,” eh?

    So I suspect this “movie” is designed as “camp” for “insiders”–like for queers who imagine they’re “hip,” the “new-wave,” the new-wave “progressives,” evidently. Another segment of the population desired as audience for this putrid movie is those w. inferiority-complexes who thus NEED to feel that sort of compensation known as “swagger” and Pharisaist sanctimony offered by those dear kikes.

    Hence the movie is for queers and maybe some attention-deprived children whose parents are willing to let them see such un-promising sort of material, all of them to be suffused w. the idea, gee whiz, but these swaggering queers and associated scum filled w. angst, resentment, and most of all, self-righteousness, are to be admired and respected–regardless of any actual purpose or pt. to things.

    Thus, PURPOSE of the movie is to extol and instill Pharisaist SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS and that SMUG attitude–as if being SMUG and self-righteous is a VIRTUE in itself–the reasoning and any sort of LOGIC being totally irrelevant. After all, the queer reviewer, “Geekritique,” ADMITS “swagger” is the entire pt.

    I rather doubt the movie, “Guardians of Galaxy,” will make any serious money, but who knows?–maybe the queers of our world have more money than we knew–which isn’t good thing–so it’ll be genuinely interesting to see how well the movie does at box-office. I hope it BOMBS, but it will be interesting to see.

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    1. I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate my review, or my emphasis on characterization instead of plot. But for the sake of clearing up a few misconceptions about myself for your behalf a) I’m not queer and b) haven’t made a cent from this review, or the entirety of my blog for that matter, especially not from any Jews. It is merely a labor of love on my part – one in which I can record my thoughts, practice my writing, and share my absurd babblings with others.

      Also, the film didn’t bomb. In fact, only a week in theaters and the film has passed the $200M mark, and as it’s sitting firmly at a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I expect the film to garner at least another $500M before it’s theatrical run concludes.

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      1. Also let me add- I allow pretty much any comment, but that in no way means I endorse them in all cases. And in this case- I don’t.

        I am happy for people to fight it out. The alternative is censorship which other than preventing defamation, I don’t support in any way.

        This was borderline- now the victim has responded and very well too imo- I will delete any further personal attacks from the original attacker.


      2. And as cliche as it is, if I’m not in favor of speech I disagree with, I’m not in favor of free speech at all. Having been a victim of psychotic cyberbullying and stalking, I have enormous sympathy for online victims but if it isn’t defamatory – and this is getting there – I prefer to let a brawl erupt than just silence people. That is very counter productive. Thanks for being such a gentleman and a scholar about it.

        Comparing Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy- Guardians is getting endlessly rewatched in a way Avengers didn’t, so I think GotG has hit the geek sweet spot for us anyway. 🙂

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  2. I have to disagree about Geek-, the reviews there are some of the few I actually enjoy reading. Virtually all other comic press reviewing is fawning toadying bullshit fellating Disney and Warner.

    As for Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s a much more subversive film than you think. When “mainstream” blockbusters like the Avengers are usually so full of PC crap you just want to stab your own eyes out with a fork, it’s the quirky weirdo films like Guardians that sometimes have the better value system at play. For example the quotient of English-accented villains is way down in Guardians.

    So don’t hope it bombs- it hasn’t anyway- but look for the inch in which we may live amongst the miles of conformity.

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  3. Ok, but it doesn’t seem very promising, given the trailer I saw and the review w. “attitude” by “Geekritique” glorifying “swagger”–seems like the typical action-filled rock-em-sock-em, w. no significant plot to be spoken-of, even by the reviewer who babbles (occasional) nonsense. Have u actually seen the movie?


    1. Watched it ten times and counting, plus twice in spanish with subtitles. So yeah, I watched it. Howard the Duck was just the final peak experience for me. Having so nearly worked with one of my comicbook idols Steve Gerber, it made it all especially bittersweet.


      1. So u watched it ten times?–ok, so what’s the actual plot or story-line?–can u tell us anything about it? The movie is all about self-righteous cliche’-spouting morons w. nothing else to do, being tired of watching TV all the time, going about beating-up some poor slobs, eh?–except the poor slobs are made-out to being “eeeeeeeeeeevil,” eh? Ho ho ho ho


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