Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Who is Michael Smith? asked lowdown lying bitch julia gillard the #fabian


This is another guest article by one of our regular commenters, Blackswan. As you might be aware, the new administration in Australia has abolished the Carbon Tax and is currently engaged in the arduous task of cutting off the heads of the green Hydra that is government spending on climate alarmism. The climate gravy train is derailing in Australia.

While the article covers political and union corruption, an important thing to note is that most of it was unearthed by a handful of investigative bloggers, citizen researchers and refugee journalists who’d decamped to the blogosphere. None of this would ever have come to light without their tireless and mostly unpaid efforts, because the mainstream media there is a compliant and whipped cur, that long ago had its investigative teeth pulled.

Australia, which not too long ago I thought was doomed to turn into Australistan, is now leading the fight back.

If you’ve ever wondered whether…

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3 thoughts on “Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?”

  1. Julia Gillard will be remembered as the most divisive prime minister australia has ever had. She has ruined our economy and opened our borders to illegal immigrants who have already changed the fabric of soci


  2. Oooops. Society. The damage done cannot be reversed. She has feathered her own nest with borrowed money and is now a person of interest to the Victorian fraud squad. The unions placed her in power and she should never have risen to high office. We hope the royal commission into union corruption deals with her in the manner she deserves


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