The Scariest Men in Film Noir: Part 3


So many scary dudes . . . so little space.

  1. Vince Stone: Lee Marvin in The Big Heat (1953). Wow. There is, admittedly, a thin line between scary and just plain mean. Vince erased that line with a pot of hot coffee – which he threw in his girlfriend’s face.
  2. Sidney Winant: Mike Mazurki in Dark City (1950). Winant was a tenacious killer who picked off nearly every member of a fateful poker game that led to his brother’s suicide. But at least he had an excuse. He was a certified nutjob.
  3. Victor Grandison:  Claude Rains in The Unsuspected (1947). Wealthy, intelligent, and charismatic, Grandison had no qualms in hanging his secretary, shooting his niece, causing the fatal auto accident of his niece’s husband, and trying – albeit unsuccessfully — to murder both his ward and her would-be spouse. Grandison was nothing if not determined. Scary, but determined.

  4. Johnny Rocco: …

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