Agent Carter – The Three Characters I Want to See.

Pokemon Vs. Marvel

agent-carter-logo-600x337Comic book style artwork is accompanying the show.

Marvel are usually pretty good at keeping secrets when it comes to their films – every revelation is a shock. But one thing they have failed to keep under wraps is that Peggy Carter was going to return in her own television series. These rumours have been around for so long the only surprise was that it took Marvel and ABC so long to confirm the truth. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has had a mixed reception at best but it seems to have found its feet and got better as the season has gone on. With lessons learnt Agent Carter should be a pretty solid conception. What other characters from the Marvel comics/films should make an appearance? Here’s what I think:

Who doesn't want more Stark?Who doesn’t want more Stark?

Howard Stark

The official synopsis of Agent Carter states that Peggy Carter will be “going on…

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