San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us


SDCC ’14 has barely even started and already news is swamping my feed. I unfortunately can’t be there, but I’m making sure I don’t miss a beat of news. Whether it be Marvel announcing a 3rd untitled film for 2018 (making that now 8 officially confirmed but yet untitled films in the pipeline) or the barrage of poster art coming in, this week/end is going to be hectic for news. In fact, as far as headlines I deem worthy go, I usually get an average of 10-15 news items worthy of putting up on my a weekly News Roundup, but today alone I have over 30. 30! Stay tuned for some awesome announcements guys. If I can’t cover them all, look forward to them in my Roundup section.

Check out some posters released today!

Guardians of the Galaxy gets a new IMAX poster. This film officially has the…

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