Bad ideas that the legal “profession” just don’t -and won’t- understand.

15 years ago I was running through a minor case as a barrister. It was all over a lawnmower.

To the judge hearing it, it was hilarious. He lived in a mansion, set on grounds like a plantation. If he bothered to mow any of his lawns it was on a ride-on mower that cost more than some people’s cars.

This in a nutshell is the main problem of the legal “profession”. They do not give SHIT ONE about normal people. They get their fees win or lose, they cover up each other’s constant fuckups and minor crimes; they laugh at a case where winning or losing over a contract to supply a lawnmower could ruin a man. Ruin him forever.

And so to that shit sculpture Moylan who tampered with the market operations of a company, caused a false run on the stock market, and has now received a slapped wrist.

The only solution only politician fuckstick ever comes up with is new laws, and shrugging their shoulders at the harm sociopaths cause to normal people.

Not good enough.

We don’t need new laws. We need current laws enforced. We need cops who aren’t corrupt, incompetent, lazy or all three. We need Courts where officers of the court have had some real world experience before spending a lifetime sucking the blood of the productive.

For sharing these views too openly I was ostracised by fellow lawyers, railroaded- the whole nine yards. I maintain, the legal “profession” is a fucking disgrace.

If further proof were required take a look at the refugee industry. A normal person trying to bring suit with no standing gets yelled at or just shut down at the registry before they even get a day in court. Our fucking HIGH COURT lets spurious cases in, delaying the normal cases, for aliens, illegally entering our sovereign territory, who have NO STANDING at law at all.

Someone really needs to tell the rentseekers of the law that this isn’t fucking law school, this isn’t some sort of university moot. It’s reality and they are TRAITORS for disrupting our country and perverting its legal system.

I wanted to go a month and just blog about comics, but it just isn’t possible.


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