#MH17 : after the lapdog media beatup, normal things keep happening

Despite the CIA / NSA / DISC narrative about the eeevilll Russians, eeeevillll Putin, eevillll rebels, etc. what has actually happened:

Local third world poor Ukraineans have searched the wreckage, stolen some stuff, retrieved all the bodies, preserved the black boxes, kept the CIA assets of OSCE away and sent the bodies to Holland.

There’s no proof the rebels shot MH17 down. There never will be.

The Ukraine government, a wholly owned subsidiary of international mafia, have suppressed all evidence of their own involvement- jets intercepting MH17, their own missile batteries, shipment of rockets from Finland, who paid who, Khazanah Bank assets being present in Ukraine prior to event.

Odds of two planes from the same airline, which is an airline with exceptional losses, being involved in two fatal mass casualty incidents within 140 days: “mind-boggling”.

Unless you were being pressured by governments, intel agencies, international mafia etc. what would YOU do if you were the insurer?


Cui bono?



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