Franchise Opportunities Available: Before Watchmen and the Evil That Comics Do

Dork Forty!

Two things happened this past Wednesday: a new Darwyn Cooke comic came out, and I got a Kenneth Branagh movie in the mail from Netflix. Normally, that would be a highlight of my week; I love both those guys, and always look forward to new work from them. But the comic was Before Watchmen, and the movie was Thor. So I found that I just didn’t care.

Actually, that’s not true. I did care. I cared about the men who created both of those concepts, and how they got lied to and ripped off by their publishers. Ripped off even beyond the normal bounds of the rip-off work-for-hire contracts the funnybook business was founded upon. Most comics fans are, I’m sure, familiar with these stories and arguments already. But for the benefit of you lucky normal folk who for reasons unknown choose to subject yourself to my insane ramblings… Let…

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