Bigfoot UFOs: What if God has a big red beard?

Posit most UFOs are secret space vehicles created by governments.

Posit that any intel agency created UFO myth must be totally opposite of what the truth is.

Posit that Bigfoot is neanderthal “man” – the ancestor / predator / farmer of what we consider ourselves- modern humanity.

Posit that Bigfoot / neanderthal achieved a higher technology than us a long time ago.

Posit that the vestigial survivors of a great disaster that befell the world culture of the Bigfoot neanderthals have survived to this day- perhaps based at eg the South Pole.

Grey aliens and all associated lore such as zeta reticuli and roswell as an alien spacecraft crash were all creations of intel agencies. Therefore false.

The least acceptable “Elvis lives” type UFO ideas, targeted for ridicule include:

1. little green men from Mars

2. ghosts as  UFOS

3. vampire lights

4. Bigfoot getting out of a UFO

5. aliens that look exactly like us

6. neanderthals being more advanced than us

7. nephilim being shaggy red furred men like Enkidu out of the Gilgamesh story

Virtually every single thing “UFOlogist” jackasses take as a given not only has zero evidence but has been created out of whole cloth by CIA assets such as Jacques Vallee or AFOSI or ONI assets such as Richard Doty or William Cooper.

There is more evidence, pursued by smart men, such as Nikola Tesla, for each of the following:

1. Ghosts of Martians taking over human beings using mind swap and energy transference, and trying to recreate Martian culture on Earth

2. Physical Martians travelling to Earth long ago to colonise the planet

3. One or more intelligent races living deep under the oceans, one or more of which are our ancestors who remained as aquatic ape after our own branch of the family went into the water and came back out

4. Intelligent balls of light that can take on material form read minds and maybe “grant wishes” through their absolute mastery of energy-matter manipulation

5. Mermaids

6. Intelligent trees

7. People from parallel worlds exploiting our world for resources

8. Unpeople- ancient androids existing to this day

9. Martians evolved from dolphin like creatures who live in the underground oceans of Mars

10. Moon people


In relation to Jacques Vallee’s Magonia, William Cooper’s NATO documents (rubbish) and Doty’s various bullshit about eg Dulce, all of that stuff has to be canned. All must be rejected because it all comes from intel agencies and is therefore disinfo. Do not deal with it, reject it wholesale. Look at how sterile it all is, how it stymies all research and advances.


“They” don’t want you thinking about life on Mars. First they said there’d been no water there for billions of years, then they released color tampered photographs which when color corrected to their original palette show blue skies on Mars, then they say there may be water- now it’s obvious there’s flowing water on Mars. In other words the official taught in schools version of Mars is BULLSHIT from beginning to end.

“They” want you to be conditioned such that when you think of Martians you think of little green men and snigger. Why?

“They” want you to think of Bigfoot as a primitive monstrous ape. Why?

“They” claimed for years that we were superior to neanderthals. We’re not. We’re smaller, weaker, smaller-brained and less robust. We’re the sheep, not the shepherd.

Or as Charles Fort concluded, “we are property”.


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