6 thoughts on “#MH17 : false cargo manifests… Was it carrying a cargo of “AIDS” corpses?”

    1. The real point is that Putin didn’t do this or arrange for it to be done! His outrage at being put in the frame for MH17 is totally understandable.

      I’m sure as a senior intel guy Putin would lie, convincingly, in a heartbeat, as when he met Ronald Reagan and pretended to be a “normal Russian tourist”. But the point is in this situation, the only people who aren’t getting the whole truth are the western alliance’s population, as usual.

      The truth is leaking out around the wall the controllers have put up around this shootdown.

      But re: 2. he won’t back down- would you? I wouldn’t. Least of all against femboys like barry soetoro.


  1. Hey, I wasn’t bashing Putin. Just found the guy’s comments interesting as he had actually met Putin. He is a difficult man to comprehend. Every other report you read contradicts the last.
    Hadn’t heard that story about P and Reagan before.


    1. No I know you weren’t bashing Putin no worries. 🙂

      Putin has had to deal with some insane problems behind the scenes during his time in power- Allianz insurers are a criminal organisation at the top for example, they were running a James Bond type plot to steal pipeline gas and sell it on the open market, he had to deal with a nuclear submarine theft- supervillains stuff.

      Then the west paints him as this ogre, when in fact as usual as L. Fletcher Prouty said- our friends are freedom fighters, our enemies are communists. If you swap from being our friend to being our enemy, you go from authoritarian strongman keeping the peace to dirty communist oppressing freedom lovers…


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