#MH17 OSCE turn up at the crash site like a fart in a lift. Who is OSCE?

Here’s an excerpt from ‘Humanitarian Spies’:

“‘Negotiated’ (that is, ‘coerced’) under threat of NATO bombing last October, the Verification agreement let the OSCE send unarmed mediators into Kosovo, supposedly to help defuse tensions. However everything about the Verification mission suggests military intelligence, not mediation.

“It was run by William Walker. Walker had no background as a mediator. He wasn’t even an expert in Balkans history or current politics. What he did know about was counter-insurgency and black ops. His role in Iran-Contra and his achievements in apologizing for the murderous El Salvador death squads all but prove he is a high-placed intelligence operative. (See ‘MEET MR. MASSACRE’ at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/meetmr.htm)

“The U.S. verification team was composed of employees of DynCorp, a Virginia company that has grown rich off Government work. At the 1993 Senate hearings on R. James Woolsey’s appointment as head of the CIA, Woolsey commented: ‘I own less than one-quarter of one percent of the — diluted shares of a company named DynCorp here in the Washington, D.C. area. And the corporation has, from time to time, had a handful of very small contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency.’ (From transcript of hearings)

Ahh, sweet understatement. DynCorp’s ‘very small contracts’ have included covert work for the Company in Columbia and Peru.

“…Given this command structure, doesn’t it stand to reason that the U.S. goal was a) to gather military intelligence and b) to establish command-relations with the Kosovo Liberation Army? The goal was to bond with the KLA which killed and is still killing ethnic Serbs and ethnic Albanian ‘collaborators’ Serbian State policemen, power line repairmen, school officials, Yugoslav troops, even state-employed wood gatherers – just like the Latin American death squads Walker ‘observed’ during previous CIA assignments.” (From ‘Humanitarian Spies‘ at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/humanita.htm )


RT.com, Apr 25 2014

Anti-government activists have detained the OSCE observer mission near Slavyansk, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said. A protest leader in Slavyansk says they detained a vehicle carrying Ukrainian military, foreign citizens and bullet shells. The junta’s so-called Interior Ministry said Friday:

The OSCE military mission working in eastern Ukraine has been detained by a group of terrorists. On Apr 25 2014, unidentified men stopped a bus with 13 passengers entering Slavyansk from the direction of Kramatorsk. Among them were seven representatives of the OSCE, five representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a driver of the vehicle. The bus has been driven to the occupied Security Service building in Slavyansk and the passengers are currently being held there.

Meanwhile, the “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, said that a vehicle containing OSCE representatives has been stopped because it contained officers of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces and munitions. Ponomaryov told Interfax by telephone:

It is true that we have detained the bus, as there we immediately found forbidden bullet shells and other munitions. We are currently sorting out who are these people driving inside it.

Ponomaryov later confirmed to RIA Novosti there are indeed members of the OSCE mission among the detained group, saying:

Together with the group of OSCE representatives there was a group of officers of the General Staff of Ukraine. We are checking the identities of the members of the mission and those of the officers.

Earlier Friday, the German Foreign Ministry said it had lost contact with the German-led group of OSCE observers dispatched to eastern Ukraine on Apr 21. According to the ministry, the group is comprised of three German soldiers, a German translator and military observers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry says talks are ongoing with the anti-government activists on the release of the group. On Friday, Kiev authorities launched the “second stage” of their so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the city of Slavyansk, which has been one of the strongholds of anti-government activists in the Donetsk region. In the previous stage of the operation Thursday, five activists were reported killed in checkpoints raids, including a 22-year-old man. Slavyansk activists claim the victims were unarmed and stood guard at the checkpoints only to check the IDs of the drivers and to prevent the troops and Right Sector radicals from covertly entering the city. Inside Slavyansk, stopping vehicles and checking of IDs by armed self-defense activists has recently become frequent amid a tense atmosphere and reports of forces loyal to Kiev infiltrating the defiant city. Protest leader Ponomaryov on Friday claimed that groups of Right Sector members armed with sniper rifles and night vision equipment have been trying to get into Slavyansk under the guise of the city’s blockade by the Ukrainian troops.


AusAid, AID (USA), OSCE and the rest are a thin crust of know-nothing bureaucrats providing cover and color of law for CIA, ASIS, MI6, you name it. Usually this is legitimate and great, but when the ghosts turn up in the graveyard- it’s on for young and old. The local gangsters know who they really are. This is why the “rebels” told the OSCE to GTFO.

Don’t let the lapdog media and the political class turn MH17 into something it’s not. It’s a mass murder crime and the guilty need to be found and dealt with harshly. It’s not a pretext for a wider war with Russia.


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