#MH17 : oh noes! coverup on site! oh noes! THINK.

Big coverup by rebels on the scene! Which is why there’s hours of video, thousands of photographs…

No one’s securing the crime scene! In a war zone…

Some real questions about the site:

Who are all the guys in matching fatigues? OSCE? Ukraine military? Rebels? Local police?

Who are the foreigners in suits? OSCE?

What’s with all the “freelance journalists” coming forward? They aren’t genuine citizen journalists with one exception they’re typical lapdog media talking heads- but “freelance”? In this day and age that would mean “intel asset”. Remember that the lapdog media is totally interpenetrated by intelligence agencies and political change agents.

All this attacking coverage putting Russia in the place of responsibility is ridiculous. As I have said, it’s no different from blaming the mayor of chicago for its dismal crime statistics. Yes, in some existential sense there’s responsibility but let’s get specific. Banksters  from Khazanah Bank sit on the board of MAS and make operational decisions, in fact interfere in the operation, of MAS. Malaysia Airline Systems is gushing money through “business losses” and embezzlement. Join the dots.


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