Martin Cannon, The Controllers and the death threat postscript: the flak that proves he was over the target

Playin’ Those Mind Games
I was disappointed Colonel Alexander did not provide me an opportunity to discuss Martin Cannon with him. I would very much like to hear his current thoughts on Cannon-related events.
The 1999 International Remote Viewing Association included
Hal Puthoff (left), John Alexander (3rd from left) and
Lyn Buchanan (4th from left, standing)

Cannon published The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, circa 1990, in which he explored the possibility some reported abductions might actually be the results of Manchurian Candidate type covert research projects such as MKULTRA. While it is readily apparent the colonel would publicly assign no more value to such a publication than to use it as kindling to light the coals of the grill on which to hoist Martin, I am more interested in how Alexander might comment on his relationship with Cannon than what he would obviously say about the man’s work.

For example… Alexander’s wife, Victoria, reportedly telephoned Cannon in 1993. She allegedly informed Cannon that Alexander and Hal Puthoff were very angry at Cannon, for whatever reasons, and that Gordon Novel had been called on to handle the situation, whatever the situation and details of its handling specifically may have been considered to be.
Writer/researcher George P. Hansen explained he personally heard the recording left by Alexander’s wife on Cannon’s answering machine. Hansen wrote:
Alexander has spent some time with Novel and has flaunted the affiliation, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate others. Martin Cannon, an investigator who has written on government mind-control projects, received a call from Alexander’s wife on May 30, 1993. She left a message on his answering machine saying: “Martin, as an ex-friend I have to warn you. John and Hal [Puthoff] are really pissed off at you. And they’ve given the matter over to Gordon [Novel] to handle. Watch out.” …Cannon was well aware of Alexander’s interest in UFO abductions and of Novel’s background. He was quite alarmed, and the day he received the message, he called and played me the tape. I suggested that he alert a number of people in the media, and he also notified the FBI. 
John Alexander, Gordon Novel and Victoria Alexander
I would find it interesting to ask the colonel about the matter. Was he actually pissed? If so, why?
Did he, in fact, give the matter over to Novel? If so, exactly what did that mean and entail?
With the Dulce Base book by Greg Valdez proving beyond reasonable doubt that there are no zeta reticulans, no aliens at Dulce and that what was being done was covert MKNAOMI MKULTRA etc. work and the use of a secret aircraft to carry out radiological and bioweapon testing, The Controllers gains a lot more jigsaw puzzle pieces to fit together.
It also outs Bigelow and his fraudotronic friends as CIA / NSA frontmen.

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