Lanulos, Indrid Cold and the kerosene lamp shaped UFO


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Photo of actual object-craft on Mercury

Many thanks to the Friend Mary Alice Bennett of Tucson, Arizona, who has pointed out to me that she had to remember the cover of the book “Visitors from Lanulos” whose UFO is similar to what I found on Mercury!

Click here to enlarge top photo.

See here all the way down the photo in black and white, and open the link below here ….

Mary Alice sent me the color cover of this book, we see here at the bottom. It was written by Woodrow Derenberger, published by Vantage Press in 1971 …

Mary Alice Bennett is one of my friends on Facebook, and wrote articles on the site of our friends “UFODIGEST” …

The site here in French recounts the meeting Extraterrestrial Woodrow Derenberger. They came from Planet Lanulos:

In English:

The text of the article here in English:

“Seller,” Woody “W. Derenberger works Parkersburg (West Virginia), and lives in the nearby town of Mineral Wells. He is the father of two young children, and goes to church regularly.

The 1966-11-02 to 19:00 Derenberger returned home from Marietta (Ohio) to Parkersburg, driving on the Interstate 77 highway.

A dark object, charcoal gray, apparently made of some kind of metal and shaped like a globe of old kerosene lamp, with a flattened base and informed shaped top dômearriver beside his truck, traveling approximately the same rate. The object stops on the highway in front of him and Derenberger halted.

A man leaves the object approaches the car Derenberger, smiling so grimacing, hands stuck in his armpits and asked him to lower his window.

The man is 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, is in between 35 to 40 years, has a dark complexion and wears a short coat with a visible pants underneath and a shirt buttoned to the neck (a typical appearance MIB ). All her clothes are blue and bright enough, with a flicker effect. They talk together for 5 or 10 minutes, but through waves or téléphathie, the man standing still and smiling without opening his mouth. My name is Cold, Indrid Cold. I sleep, I breathe, I bleed like vous.N Do not be afraid, he said, we have a country that is nearly as powerful as yours. We mean you no harm. He asks a Derenberger what the distant lights and the latter replied that it is the city of Parkersburg.

The man said a similar place in his country is called a rally.

Before leaving, man told Derenberger he contacted again and suggested to notify local authorities. The saucer, which was stationed in the air next, then back to the ground and another occupant joined the door to help his companion up. The door shut with a sound very similar to a car door, say Derenberger. Then the saucer (moved) off at tremendous speed.

Derenberger is shaken. Back home, he calls the police to Parkersburg and the story.

A representative of a local recruiting station of the USAF also speak with him. One officer said it is apparent that Derenberger has some experience.

Derenberger began receiving threatening calls or son comportants strange electronic beeps. According Derenberger, man continues to contact him telepathically, telling him to come Lanulos planet in the galaxy of Ganymede has .

One evening, during a debate at Long John Nebel, a listener phone to tell him have also visited the same as that described by alien Derenberger world.

Derenberger eventually go to Brazil to be pregnant by announcing Cold, and to go into exile on Lanulos.

Author of: Visitors from Lanulos (Vantage Press 1971)

References :

Flying saucers (Special Issue of the magazine Look , 1967 )

X Factor which is not a galaxy but a natural satellite of Jupiter”.



Based on my direct discussions with one of Woodrow Derenberger’s immediate relatives, I can relate the following information:

Indrid Cold made many visits to Woodrow Derenberger’s family, in some cases he arrived in a normal car- including a VW Bug- and simply walked up to the property, even when UFO investigators, guests and journalists were present in a crowd or group. Cold would simply walk in unobtrusively. He spoke to Woodrow and his family. The family member I spoke to had close contact with Cold. It was said to me that the book had been “sexed up” on the advice or influence of other people and wasn’t entirely accurate.

The family was convinced that the events were real. In some respects they were similar to the original events surrounding Billy Meier and other contactees.

Lanulos in Genemedes (Ganymede – constellation Aquarius) is a real physical place, not necessarily on another world.


In his original interview on the day after the original contact Derenberger was perfectly lucid and spoke in a normal way about a physical event. He described the kerosene shaped vehicle which had been travelling on the road behind another normal earth vehicle. This craft went into the sky whilst Indrid Cold spoke to Derenberger. It made a noise like a lawnmower or a large fan. In other words, the same noise as the cattle mutilation vehicle of earthly origin.

An interesting point to note is that Derenberge constantly called the “UFO” a truck- he described it as having a heavy normal truck door, he kept calling it a truck then correcting himself.

John Keel believed that Derenberger was NOT a contactee in the sense that the victims of superspectrum entities.

In other words, it is quite likely that Derenberger was drugged, that he encountered a secret military abduction of some kind, that when he unthinkingly said truck it was because it either WAS a truck, or that in addition to the secret aircraft there was a truck associated with the experience.

Remember during his experience other cars and trucks were driving past…

John Keel believed that Derenberger was taken on UFO joy flights- but to a real physical base in effect a live set where a performance was put on for his benefit.

Whether this was done by military intelligence or a hidden race of man- we do not yet know.

The family member who spoke to me believed that Indrid Cold was… not from around here… and that he would continue to watch over their family, as he promised to them that he would. Be that as it may, the family has experienced some ill luck over the years.


5 thoughts on “Lanulos, Indrid Cold and the kerosene lamp shaped UFO”

  1. Yeah, after reading Vistors From Lanulos I realize it was some secret military experiment on human emotions or something like that.. Not exactly sure of course. But all the detail, or some of the detail in the book was knowledge from the 60’s like Life on Venus.. in the 60’s scientists believed the planet was much like earth and just a little hotter like in the 100’s.. we know now it is 800′ so to me this tells me all the detail Indrid spoke about his planet and Venus being inhabited..he only could give specifics of believe of the 60’s.. now we can plainly see how limited Indrid was in detail he could give and how old fashioned the ships seem and actually there are a lot of cases of the ships being really out dated.. I mean back then they seemed from the future and now our own every day technology is far more advanced looking than any description of any spaceship from the 60’s.. this is so obvious.. only people though with an open mind will see it.. Ufo die hard wanna be believers are not going to admit or see this for what it is.. But I sure do.


    1. It’s wonderful though that we can understand what has happened to the “contactees” – from Adamski onwards – as secret space program military intelligence shennanigans. It’s wonderful because it allows us to winnow out all the secret agent garbage to see if there are real nonhuman intelligences at work out there…


      1. Yes, it is wonderful. I guess people just need to use common sense when trying to decipher the real from the CIA experiments.. It is also obvious how the 50’s and 60’s were so big with UFO sightings, abductions and just everything. It all fits right in with the wars and the keen interest in spaceships in general. Now these days people have a lot of other things to focus on that his paranormal. And you notice that there aren’t that many more sightings and abductions as there were in the 60’s. There are of course many UFO sightings but that isn’t Aliens..just objects. Ships perhaps, but I’d say built here on earth type of craft. .


      2. One strand to it is Spielberg, paedo producer extraordinaire.

        His weird and implausibly successful film career is deeply intertwined with attempts to shape mass perception at key stages.

        If not for Close Encounters, would the all pervasive and largely false view of aliens be plaguing us?

        If not for ET, would we have the aliens with glow rods descriptions?

        And in the process “unacceptable” but valid experiences are subverted or censored.

        It’s “acceptable” to be abducted by ET, it’s not “acceptable” to be abducted by Elvis, or a movie star, or a leprechaun. But other than some extraneous elements, the abduction descriptions are the same- whether it’s an impossible limousine someone is floated into or an impossible spaceship they’re floated into.

        Masquerade of (Fallen) Angels.


  2. Oh yes.. there is such a strange interesting thing about the 50’s and 60’s.. all the aliens had almost mechanical/makeshift crafts, they were human like, they only resided in our solar system and it goes on.. the people of the 50’s and 60’s only had so much (movies) to go by when it came to making stuff up.. their minds could not drift into the outer universe yet..
    like you said not until ET or Close encounters did people start making up stories about being abducted by praying mantis like aliens, aliens from other planets and huge ass spaceships that were beyond our world.. People who worship UFO stuff should really look at this and think a little with their common sense and stop being such followers. They really do themselves a disservice by fooling themselves.. unless they enjoy it. I do not. I was once fooled now my common sense kicked in.
    George Adamski’s story is one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever come across and I can see how someone long ago in the 50s could possibly believe him but anyone who believes such rubbish now should really get their own mind examined…
    Interesting how Woody Derenbergers story is very similar.. see how they could only dream so far into the imagination back then. Or how the military could only fool them so much with their make shift space ships of the 60’s style or with what they knew of venus and mars.. Oh so many people must feel stupid to have been fooled back then in the 50’s and 60’s.. I don’t think even Woody’s daughter Taunia believes it all actually happened.. she believes her dad experienced it and believes he did..but I don’t think she thinks Indrid was really from Lanulos.. she now just profits where she can and pretends to believe because of it.


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