Unexplained “Morphing” Phenomenon in the Movie “ Return To Babylon”

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IMPORTANT links at the bottom of this page…scroll down and see them before they must be taken down.One of my friends at Myspace and Facebook , Alex Monty Canawati,  is the man who made this, what would turn out to be quite unusual,  movie. I believe you will find the strange happenings in this film intriguing to say the least in and in many cases terrifying. I have looked at these photos many times. Digits and noses alter. Faces take on grotesque distortions . No special effects were used. Quite strange and hard to explain. UPDATE : Alex was recently interviewed by a German Magazine…Read Interview

Best wishes, Dr. Donald Ryles

RETURN TO BABYLON is a black and white feature film that is tribute to the silent movie era. It is shot in traditional “chaplin-esque” silent-movie format, and tells the true tales and tragedies of the real life stories that rocked the nation.

the cast includes: Jennifer Tilly as “it” girl CLARA BOW    Maria Conchita Alonso as LUPE VELEZ   …

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