#FODI Michael Smith axed before he starts at 2GB (Gatekeeper Bastards) radio

Why I won’t be on 2GB on Monday

In April this year 2GB booked me to present Chris Smith’s afternoons program for the 3 weeks starting Monday 30 June.

At 7.15 last night 2GB’s Program Director David Kidd phoned me and said, “We won’t be needing you, you can’t call a Deity a paedophile.”

David told me he was referring to the interview Ben Fordham conducted with me on Thursday this past week.   Just for the record, Muhammad was a man, a prophet –  but not a Deity.

I’ve thought about what I said in answer to Ben’s question.   I think it’s wrong for a man in his 50s to have sex with a 9 year old child.   It is wrong, it’s a crime and it should be called out for what it is.

I know Ray Hadley disagrees with me – perhaps Ray could let us know what part of a grown man having sex with a 9 year old girl is right?


“aussie” Ray Hadley the bully, Fordham who was found guilty of wiretap fraud but no conviction recorded (victory for the common man there), Chris Smith the faux conservative who’d be more at home on the ALPBC… Alan Jones is the only remotely conservative host they’ve got and even then… Wow.

Michael Smith has been prevented from making his comeback, as I warned him he would be, due to the classical gatekeeping of overly socially conservative but actual typical media gatekeepers at 2GB. The controllers there have been desperate to find a way to wound or eliminate Michael Smith due to his constant honest dealing. His true blue behaviour shows up the lapdog media for the lying conniving pricks they are.

It’s time for Michael to find his voice on internet radio, link up with the tiny handful of real conservatives around the world and go for gold. His voice is authentic, you don’t have to be telepathic to know what he thinks and unlike the “aussie” ray hadley type fakes he’s straight as a die with no workplace bullying, strange fascinations or anything else in his background.

And isn’t it odd, the lapdog media ran dead on the Michael Smith “controversy”. As usual.

There’s some REAL dangerous ideas for you, motherfuckers.


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