It’s utterly impossible in our own age to hear the phrase “Central Intelligence” and not mentally add “-Agency” to the end.

But a century ago Central Intelligence had a different, hilariously different meaning.

Central Intelligence was the “scientific” spiritualist and electricity researcher name given to the central animating and creative force of the universe- in simple terms, “God”.

Central Intelligence in this sense was virtually indistinguishable from the unseen pleasant voiced God of eg Space:1999 Black Sun, the voiceover God of a myriad of golden years of Hollywood films, and so on. In other words, Jack Kirby’s (and theosophy’s and gnosticism’s) The Source, which in turn was ripped off for Star Wars irritatingly as The Force.

However, during its heyday of usage, Central Intelligence was displayed as being, if not evil then certainly violent, a trickster, and a cruel trickster at that. Given the gnostic view of the god of this world, that’s fascinating on the face of it, that the god of the Spiritualists would be other than benevolent.

For my purposes however- it’s perfect. In a universe which is a pastiche of and amalgam universe based on Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes (and others) how perfect is it that in lieu of and amalgamated with the Great Intelligence of the classic series we can have the Central Intelligence!


Central Intelligence

No one knows the origin of the Central Intelligence, and no one ever will, given the entity’s apparently near infinite power and ability to create illusory overlays on reality which themselves have the full force and appearance of reality itself.

Capable of extraordinary acts of kindness, the inconsistent nature of this cosmic being of pure energy is such that in our scientific age where deductive reasoning has clashed headlong with ultraterrestrial and supernatural entities from the Secret Commonwealth means that the inevitable war has begun: the scientists and great thinkers who have sough since the 1700s to depost God from his throne have provoked Him; and now the Central Intelligence is actively working against not just the atheist forces of science, but the human race as a whole!

Doctor Holmes, as an Elf Lord, is respectful towards the Central Intelligence, not out of reverence for humanity’s myriad ideas of god and religion but because he knows that the Central Intelligence is a being of virtually limitless power, capable of pursuing vindictive vendettas across thousands of year. As such, it is something he doesn’t need to face, and which can only complicated his already complicated state of Exile.

Other Elf Lords have contended against the Central Intelligence, particularly when it first came to Earth and began recruiting lesser beings such as the human subspecies to its cause, demanding absolute obedience and worship from them. Elf Lords are used to being treated as gods by primitive civilisations and deeply resented their being pushed aside by the CI. Doctor Holmes was never one to seek such worship and stood apart from the general wars against the CI and its chosen races across the millennia.

Beings such as Gerrold Bondo and Harald F. Lyme however have been drawn into the battle for or against the CI, and its secret agents within organised religion of all kind. This secret church within the churches is sometimes referred to as CIA – the Central Intelligence Agenturs. Not to be confused with America’s GIA – the Government Intelligence Agency, successor to OSS. Although many CIA assets have infiltrated (or set up?) the GIA and similar intelligence agencies.

Gerrold Bondo has been blasted by CI to the point where he no longer has a consistent existence. He is a living hysteretic acausality, and has taken to calling the parts of his life we have observed as “episodes”, “chapters” or “imaginary stories”. In this sense he breaks the fourth wall, but as he says, “only after it broke me first”.

Harry F. Lyme was unwittingly caught in a blast of Source energy, the miracle power of the cosmos, and after this exposure to unterrene radiation he has become unable to die- like the first Baron Munchausen before him, his lies sometimes come true, and sometimes the situation he finds himself in goes uncausal or acausal – he is able to die or be killed in a particular adventure and then in a total reality disconnect fade into a new situation, alive.

Both Bondo and Lyme have histories which have become, in different ways, multiple choice. In Bondo’s case, his life is an advent calendar with a million boxes to open, at random- until he finally opens the one in which dies permanently. In Lymne’s case, he can’t die. But he can’t finish anything either. Sooner or later he will fade out, whether he wants to or not. Lyme calls the phenomenon Cancellation, as good a term as any.

Bondo and Lyme both creep Doctor Holmes out- as an Elf Lord he instinctively senses the pattern and naming of the cosmos, and neither of these two gentleman “belong”- they feel wrong, so he tries to minimise his time in their company, even though both are friendly towards him, and indeed respect him as a fellow champion.

TM & (c) IMFI Pty. Ltd. publishing as Flying Tiger Comics 2014 and following all rights reserved worldwide


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