Ms. Marvel Original Sins suggestions

The current marvel crap is apparently called original sins, and is another deconstructive mess where dark secrets of their “heroes” are revealed.

At the same time a new character has been excreted- Ms Marvel, who is a dearbornistani magic negro / mary sue- an islamic girl who is a comicbook reader and a fan fiction writer… I know right? SO true to life.

Hilariously, this… this thing will get its own shot at Original Sins whilst maintaining its taqqiya propaganda on behalf of the religion of pieces.

Here are some suggestions for this monstrosity’s original sin:

Female Genital Mutilation – for those ignoring what islam is all about, that means cutting out a girl’s clitoris. Could not make it up.

Stoning women to death for being raped

Cutting tourist’s heads off

Abducting and raping schoolgirls then selling them into slavery

Mooching off welfare for generations

Attacking Christians’ protected speech first amendment rights at state fairs

Blowing up buildings with suicide bombers


Somehow I am guessing this magic negro called mary sue will have a much less realistic and much more tiresome “original sin”.

Given that fuck all people even read this crap any more, it scarcely matters- and the chances of disney endangering its REAL superhero properties- the movie versions- with this crap are zero. But dhimmitude and creeping sharia are real, and this sort of disgusting propaganda needs to be fought. It’s just a more overtly appealing version of the equally pathetic islamic green lantern, complete with gun. Ponder that one, folks- a magic item that runs on imagination and tellingly enough all it can muster for the barbarian green lantern is a gun. Even when the current hackery collective try their hardest, subconsciously the truth leaks out.


Elon Musk to unveil manned Dragon V2 “space taxi”

James Bond villains controlling flight to the outer atmosphere? What could possibly go wrong with that?

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SpaceX CEO, founder and chief designer Elon Musk is set to unveil the manned version of his firms commercial Dragon spaceship later this week, setting in motion an effort that he hopes will soon restore America’s capability to launch US astronauts to low Earth orbit and the International Space Station (ISS) by 2017.

Musk will personally introduce SpaceX’s ‘Space Taxi’ dubbed ‘Dragon V2’ at what amounts to sort of a world premiere event on May 29 at the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, CA, according to an official announcement this evening (May 27) from SpaceX.

“SpaceX’s new Dragon V2 spacecraft is a next generation spacecraft designed to carry astronauts into space,” according to the SpaceX statement.

The manned Dragon will launch atop the powerful SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket from a SpaceX pad on the Florida Space Coast.

Dragon was initially developed as a commercial unmanned resupply freighter to deliver 20,000…

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JFK: Oswald: returned defector program

The Other Lee Harvey Oswalds: James Jesus Angleton and the False Defector Programme

The Kennedy assassination is present even in its absence in the recent film, The Good Shepherd, a movie about the CIA. Its central character, played by Matt Damon, is based largely on the late head of CIA Counter Intelligence, James Jesus Angleton. The distortions of the film return us to the meaning of the Kennedy assassination. 


James Angleton in real life was the mastermind not, as the film suggests, of the Bay of Pigs (that was Richard Bissell), but of a false defector program that sent spies into the Soviet Union. Among them was one Lee Harvey Oswald. This talk is based on interviews I conducted for my book, A Farewell to Justice, as well as new interviews since its publication a year ago. I refer also to some of more than four million documents released under the JFK Records Collection Act at the National Archives.

An FBI document demonstrates that Oswald, who was indeed one of Angleton’s assets in the Soviet Union, communicated back to the CIA through a CIA asset at American Express named Michael Jelisavcic. One of my discoveries for A Farewell to Justice was the original of a note that Oswald, arrested in New Orleans for a street fight, handed to police lieutenant, Francis Martello. 


One CIA document refers to an FBI “65” file, an espionage file, for Jelisavic, a reference inadvertently unredacted when CIA declassified the document. This number clearly directs CIA to an espionage file. Oswald also had Jelisavcic’s name and room number in his possession. Angleton’s false defector program, not mentioned in The Good Shepherd, remains among the CIA’s most closely guarded secrets; a secret necessary to preserve the fiction of the Warren Report. 


-Joan Mellen



Shane O’Sullivan’s documentary “Who Shot Bobby Kennedy?,” which aired in the UK on November 20, 2006, revealed photographic evidence that three senior CIA operatives were present at the scene of RFK’s assassination. Present at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968 were David Morales (who was Chief of Operations), Gordon Campbell (who was Chief of Maritime Operations), and George Joannides (who was Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations). Although Sirhan Sirhan – a Palestinian – was arrested as the lone gunman, witnesses placed his gun several feet in front of Kennedy, while the autopsy showed the fatal shot came from one inch behind. Even under hypnosis Sirhan remembers nothing, and psychiatrists have stated Sirhan may have been in a hypnotic trance. (BBC Newsnight, 11/21/06; pics from Shane O’Sullivan’s website:




FALSE DEFECTORS curtjester1 wrote:

> Name one true defector who stayed.  Name one person that wasn’t on
> assignment.  Name anybody who stayed.


Charles Jenkins of Rich Square, N.C.

James Dresnok.

Read the HSCA defector study.

The HSCA conducted a defector study to ascertain if OSWALD’S defection
was suspicious. The Committee: “To determine which individuals the
Committee would study, a letter was sent to the CIA requesting the names
of persons who defected to the Soviet Union between 1958 and 1964.” The
CIA “provided a list of the names and variations of the names of 380
Americans who were in the USSR during that time period,” entitled, “U.S.
Persons Who Have or May Have Defected to the USSR Between 1958 and
1963.” This list included the names of Communist Party members who made
frequent trips to the Soviet Union or were there on official Party
business, like Henry Winston. Winston could not be termed a defector.
The names of emigrants were included in this list. Some had been in the
Soviet Union for over 20 years. The CIA: “This listing represented U.S.
persons, including some non-U.S. citizens, who owed some measure of
allegiance to the United States, who had either defected or shown some
interest in defecting.” [HSCA V12 p404] The HSCA requested the CIA
provide more information so that it could select, for a detailed
analysis, those defectors who were most similar to OSWALD. The CIA
provided a second list which was “a computer listing of the name, 201
file number, date and place of birth, and a compilation of information
derived from the 201 file, as well as citations for various other
Government agency reports.” No HSCA investigators visited CIA
headquarters and went through defector files there. Instead, the CIA
gave the HSCA some of the files the Committee requested, “the vast
majority of which” were in undeleted form. The HSCA conceded there was
not always “an independent means of verifying that all materials
requested from the Agency had, in fact, been provided. Accordingly, any
finding that is essentially negative in nature – such as that LEE HARVEY
OSWALD was neither associated with the CIA in any way, nor ever in
contact with that institution – should explicitly acknowledge the
possibility of oversight.” [HSCA R 197] From the second defector list,
the HSCA eliminated those who had :

(A) Been born outside the United States.

(B) Gone to the USSR some time other than the 1958 to 1962 time period.

© Remained outside the United States until 1964.”

The HSCA focused on the files of 23 defectors from the original list of
380. The Committee then examined the request dated October 25, 1960,
from the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research on 13
individuals whom it considered defectors. That list included the following:


(B) Seven individuals whose files the committee had decided to examine
under the previous criteria: Mollie Block; Morris Block; Bruce Frederick
Davis; William H. Martin; Bernon F. Mitchell; Libero Ricciardelli;
Robert Edward Webster.

© Two individuals whose names appeared on the computer listing but had
been excluded since they were not born within the United States [Joseph
Dutkanicz and Vladimir Sloboda]

(D) Three individuals who had not previously been known to the committee
as defectors: David DuBois; (FNU) Sergeant Jones; Sergeant Ernie Fletcher.

When the CIA responded to the October 25, 1960 request of the Bureau of
Intelligence and Research of the Department of State, two additional
names were added to the original list of twelve defectors – Maurice
Halperin and Virginia Coe. The HSCA had already selected Maurice
Halperin from the computer list of 380 names, but had no knowledge of
Virginia Coe.


Maurice Halperin (born March 3, 1936) was a specialist in Latin American
affairs employed by the OSS during World War II. In the summer of 1967
Maurice Halperin assisted Soviet agents Martha Dodd Stern and her
husband Alfred Kaufman Stern to secretly travel from Mexico to
Czechoslovakia. Maurice Halperin traveled to the USSR shortly after the
departure of the Sterns from Mexico; he was employed by the Soviet
Government as a Latin American specialist and has “periodically renewed
his American passport.” This information on Maurice Halperin was
compiled by JAMES ANGLETON. [CIA CSCI-316/01206-67]

The Committee requested all CIA 201 files on the 23 individuals from the
computer list. It requested files on Joseph Dutkanicz, Vladimir Sloboda,
Jones, David DuBois and Ernie Fletcher, since their names appeared on
the State Department defector list. Finally, it asked for the file on
Virginia Coe.

Out of the 29 individuals whose files were the subject of this request,
five were immediately dropped. The CIA could not identify Jones (an Air
Force Intelligence document existed about his defection); David DuBois
and Virginia Coe had defected to China, not the Soviet Union; and the
Martin & Mitchell file was too sensitive and could not be presented to
the HSCA. Now the list was down to 24, on whom the Committee asked other
Government Agencies to provide selected information. After this
analysis, thirteen more defectors were eliminated: 5 for lack of
substantive information; 5 for being Communist Party members who made
frequent trips to the Soviet Union, or for residing outside the United
States for an extended period of time before entering the Soviet Union;
and three for remaining in the Soviet Union for over 20 years. The HSCA:
“Thus, the defector study was reduced to 11 individuals, two of whom
were married.” Actually, three of the defectors were married. These
three couples could logically have been eliminated from the study
because OSWALD was single when he defected.

The scorning of William Connolley.


I think we’ve all had that pleasant surprise when something totally unexpected just drops out of the sky and into your lap. That happened to me last weekend when a creature called William Connolley attempted to comment on a piece I’d written about the Bengtsson scandal. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s infamous for editing thousands of Wikipedia articles on climate and anyone significant in the area. You can find several articles on his activities over at WUWT.

His idea of truth is somewhat idiosyncratic to say the least, but let’s just say if you were anyway sceptical, you weren’t going to get a glowing entry. When the skeptics tried to correct the foul calumnies for their entry, they were promptly changed back, a loop they went around until he banned them from being able to edit anything.

I’m actually quite knowledgeable about him, since I’ve been a fawning admirer and stroker…

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JFK: Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot JFK. Or anyone else that day.

Oswald was trained as a normal marine then aptitude tested and selected for language school – Russian, crypto work, radar work and infiltration.

He carried out training program duties and was then used by James Jesus Angleton for his returned defectors program. Oswald was successfully sent to the USSR, made contact with his control, and returned.

On his return he worked with Ferrie, Crisman and others on low level work involving training and infiltration of the myriad of Cuban and mafia groups who wanted to regain control of Cuba.

In the process during the time when JFK and RFK were setting up their own parallel intelligence network in competition with the CIA-FBI-DIA axis, Oswald was recruited by RFK. Angleton and his cohorts saw this as fatal disloyalty by Oswald. At this point Oswald has unwittingly become a potential patsy, cutout or disposable asset for Angleton and in particular ‘Maurice Bishop’ and other cowboy operators at the senior level of CIA.


Rylands v Fletcher, common sense and the rule of law be damned- you’re getting frankenstein food whether you want it or not. We are officially a feudal oligarchy.

Yesterday, the West Australian Supreme Court ruled that Mr Baxter did nothing wrong when genetically modified canola from his property blew over Mr Marsh’s farm…. Justice Martin was highly critical of the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia for the “erroneous ­application” of its standards when it decided the seeds posed an “unacceptable risk of contamination” and removed organic certification over 70 per cent of Mr Marsh’s land.

Outside the court, Mr Baxter said justice had been done… “It’s a proven product, there’s nothing dangerous about it. It’s perfectly safe, it’s legalised and I think it’s a great thing of the future,” Mr Baxter said.

The era of Chimeras: Scientists fearlessly create bizarre human/animal hybrids

Jack Kirby star gods: the x factor in the human genome came from the Celestials, so since we’re mutie mulattos already- where’s the harm in further degrading the genetic pool?

For non-Christians, the threat is the crossover with diseases; for Christians, the threat is that only the seed of Eve ie purestrain human species, gets salvation.

Every DNA hybrid whether a mosaic or a chimera, is automatically excluded from Yahweh’s genetic salvation.

That’s just how that hard-assed annunaki rolls.

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Did you know that scientists are creating cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids? This is happening every single day in labs all over the western world, but most people have never even heard about it.

So would you drink milk from a cow/human hybrid that produces milk that is almost identical to human breast milk? And how would you interact with a mouse that has a brain that is almost entirely human?

These are the kinds of questions that we will have to start to address as a society as scientists create increasingly bizarre human/animal hybrids. Thanks to dramatic advances in genetic technology, we have gotten to the point where it is literally possible for college students to create new hybrid lifeforms in their basements. Of course our laws have not kept pace with these advances, and now that Pandora’s Box has been opened, it is going…

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