Process Church of the Final Judgment: still around. still the same. Ultimate Evil.

Ever wonder where all the kids from the Manson Family / Process Church ended up? They’re all adults now. And Jim Jones’ son is running the same old MKULTRA Kult… As well as hijacking the memorial for CIA victims…

  Process Church went underground. They run animal shelters- especially those with cats or kittens, and separate shelters for the large dogs that they sacrifice when not sacrificing people, especially young women or children.
The center for the luciferian death cult on the east coast is in Newtown, Connecticut.
Sandy Hook.

3 thoughts on “Process Church of the Final Judgment: still around. still the same. Ultimate Evil.”

  1. Oh. My. Lord. After what I have been reading, I hope this is not true. If it is, I am totally nauseous and disgusted. The media”s bizarre reporting on the events in Sands Hook is bad enough.


    1. A weird fat woman wearing a wind cheater featuring a pentacle with a white cat head in the center appeared in several news clips offering free visits to her kitten sanctuary for affected individuals. Likewise the rest of the information is all out there open source. None of it is speculation, none of it is warped from plain facts. The plain fact themselves are as bizarre as anyone could ever imagine.

      Gene Rosen pretended to be a psychiatrist, then a counsellor, at a now banandoned haunted house type horror hospital. What he actually was, was one of the orderlies who wheeled victims through the underground tunnel from the wards to the “operating rooms”.

      It’s all out there, some has been scrubbed off the internet but it all is still out there. Ignore all the speculation and woo woo youtube videos, stick to the plain facts. They’re strange enough.

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