Sandy Hook research resources

Kaitlyn Roig’s phone is yet another potential continuity error, or an inconvenient factoid. Did she give it to the gunman? Did a gunman take it off her? Was it found in a glass factory? How did the shooter(s) get buzzed in that morning? Did they get buzzed in or did they just walk in past the negligent secretary earlier on in the morning?

A climate of deception, deceit, lies and outright dishonesty.


When I was a young man, a deeply cynical older person told me that all experience did was tell you what wasn’t possible. It wasn’t true then, it’s not true now and amounts to nothing more than a philosophy of despair by people who’ve essentially given up. You do have to wonder about people so petty as to try to crush the natural optimism of youth. What I found is that experience actually gives you a loose collection of templates, patterns if you will, which we use to make decisions on incomplete or fuzzy data.

They’re what we use when we make judgement calls and as we get older, we do tend to act on them quicker. That’s perhaps a bad thing but if you’ve got a reasonably successful batting rate, you’d be silly to ignore that voice inside you. We use them consciously and unconsciously and sometimes with little or hardly…

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Adelaide: sex murder capital of Australia

Paranormal Legends Of Canberra

The Snowtown Murders — History — Crime Library

To understand the horrific saga of Australia’s worst serial killing case, one must first go back in time. Back to a foreboding 1994 prequel: a grisly find at rural Lower Light, about 50 kilometres north of Adelaide, the South Australian capital.

A farmer had stumbled upon skeletal remains in a barren field on August 16th, 1994. The victim – shown by pathologists to be a young male adult – was never identified.

Social talk in the quiet “City of Churches” turning once again to speculation about what might follow. By 1994, South Australia already had a long, disturbing history of abductions and serial murders. Yet no one versed in the beautiful city’s bizarre heritage could have predicted the sequel to that “single body” find: a complexweb of murder and fraud. Like the case’s “vault of horrors” itself, the Lower Light corpse’s…

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Myth: serial rapist-killers work alone

It’s probably due to wanting the comforting thought that such murderous perverts are rare and weird “loners” that many people embrace the fiction that serial killers work alone.

In fact, in all documented cases, going back through the decades, many serial rapist-killers have had helpers.

These helpers range from amoral monsters in it for the money (like the teenagers who helped Korll) to coparticipants who shared sexual fantasis of a deranged murderous kind (the Wests, Bundy’s cult, John Wayne Gacy’s “others” etc.) to people involved in the snuff film satan/drugs matrix (Manson, Son of Sam etc.)

The lapdog media is its usual hype laden unreliable self about this topic – turning serial perverts into supervillains. The thing is, even accepting the lies of the media and the law enforcement bozos who take decades to catch these monsters, when they try at all, supervillains frequently team up or have henchmen. Even in the lie, a little truth leaks out.


Marvel’s The Defenders to Film 60 Hour-Long Episodes in NYC

The Defenders – the proper ones- Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Namor, Hellcat- were always my favourites. This could be good. Hopefully the next couple of years will see the back of Quesada, Bendis etc.
If not it makes no odds to me, I gave up reading any Marvel stuff a long time ago.


For those who haven’t already heard, Disney’s Marvel branch plans to partner itself with Netflix to produce 4 series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage), which will culminate in a joint miniseries entitled the Defenders. Not quite as massive as say, the Avengers, but being that these are some of Marvel’s less touted heroes, it’ll be good to see them on the small screen, all at the same time, on Netflix. Although it’ll be four separate series, and then a miniseries, we’ve yet to find out if they’ll actually be released together (but they have stated it’ll film over a span of 3 years, so that should answer itself).

Disney announced it’s plans yesterday to throw $200 million dollars into the project, and that it’ll be filmed in New York. This is a natural location for filming, because all four heroes take residence in Hell’s Kitchen in the…

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