Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time


25 words or less: A very special boy breaks invisible rules and solves a great mystery about the disappearance of his Dad and about garden gnomes.

I laughed out loud but by the end I sobbed my heart out.

A story about a very special boy. Nuff said.

Peri at her best- furious at the Doctor in the funniest way. Nicola Bryant is brilliant. Colin Baker is amazing in this, award worthy.

And the villains are a fantastic idea.

It has been a long time since the television version achieved anything close to this.

This story kicked ass.

#Swampman E = b = E

E = b = E

And the road goes ever on round through over under beyond;
and we go with it,
into darkness without end or light without mercy,
across oceans of words and storms of ideas
to vague release and merciful blankness
like the final page of a book turning
to the back cover and end.

Jonathan Nolan 2015