French Socialists: Sweetness and light? — Just subversive!

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Yesterday, I received a comment from a reader who said, in part, that France’s UMP (Conservatives) were pretty similar to the Parti Socialiste (PS).

Before I conclude with France — as an illustration for all of us, regardless of where we are in the world — let’s briefly examine the Socialist vs Conservative question.  Conservatives aren’t saints, by any means, however, we are continually bombarded with anti-Conservative messages through the water-carrying mainstream media every day.  Conservatives support individual freedom and free markets. They value family and education.  They encourage getting ahead in life. They like lower taxes and a more orderly society.

Now, I realise that in the 21st century, conservatism is being turned on its head somewhat. The US had eight years of a globalist George ‘W’ Bush with his war in Iraq and Patriot Act, to name two examples — enough said.    Britain’s current Conservatives have reneged…

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The Road to Slavery is Through Misplaced Sympathy

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The mainstream media has been falling over itself to extract every ounce of political advantage on behalf of its Elite string-pullers from the engineered ‘refugee crisis’ ever since it began, whether it be in Europe or the US. These parasites never miss a trick to exploit public gullibility when it comes to milking human kindness for all it’s worth.

They want a single, unitary world government and the abolition of all borders world-wide. Through outrageously phony stunts like the very recent one exposed below, they plan to con us all into sleepwalking into their globalised dystopia of permanent and irrevocable enslavement. See how they twist our charitable natures into a weapon against us by means of blatant emotional blackmail:

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Doctor Who: Tedious Adventure, Rewritten Details Impact Series


Consensus is not reality, but it is a reasonable guide to wider concerns. This blogger summarises some of the problems with Moffat era Who. Prime Ministers fall for less… :)

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Do you remember the Matt Smith episode Rings of Akhaten from season seven (shout out to my fellow shameless Whovian nerds)? It’s a pretty average episode, but it features what is arguably Matt Smith’s finest moment out of his entire run on Doctor Who- a big speech, plopped right in the middle of the third act, where he spoke of everything he had seen, everything he had lost, everything he had to carry with him. Sure, the writing was a little cheesy, but Smith was so thoroughly ingrained in the character by that point that no-one noticed. It’s a bloody excellent scene, a reminder that past the quirky, fun sci-fi adventures, the Doctor has suffered like the rest of the universe, particularly surrounding the destruction of his home planet, Gallifrey. The acting was great, the writing was intuitive, and it felt like everyone involved with that moment understood it’s significance.

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Nostradamus and Pope Francis – the last Pope…

VI.30 The holy See shall be betrayed by his own
Par l’apparence de fainte sainctete
Sera trahy aux ennemis le siege
Nuit qu’on coidoit dormir en seurete
Pres de Braban marcheront ceux du Liege

Fainte: faked, false; sainctete: sanctity; trahy (trahir): to betray; siege: seat, Holy See; coidoit (coi): quiet, silent; en surete: being secured; dormir: to sleep; Brabant: part of W.Europe now including part of Netherland and Belgium; liege: league..

  • Through the appearance of false sanctity
  • The enemies shall betray the Holy See
  • At night one shall feel secured during sleep
  • Near Brabant those of Muslim league shall march


The heretic clergy and Catholic shall betray the Holy Father. The Eastern league shall invade Europe all the way to Netherland suddenly.