Paul “Ant-Man” Rudd predicted 9/11

In the late 1970s, Rudd wrote a mock newspaper story about 2 hijacked planes being flown into the World Trade Center in New York City and hijacked planes crashing into the Pentagon which read like the actual attacks 23 years later almost to a tee.



Dave McGowan / Stefano: Programmed To Kill

Review: Jurassic World

9b3I really thought, despite the fact he’s a pedo of some sort, that commercial desire would outpace his preoccupations and allow him to make some interesting films. Instead, we get trademark FUCKING annoying “kids” and just fucking terrible crap all round.

Also since they keep edging towards my trademarked and copyrighted concept from 2003, I just want to end by reminding everyone that “DNAosaur” and the detailed concept of a genetically engineered creature that looks the way we WANT dinosaurs to look is trademark and copyright Jonathan Peter Nolan 2003, 2005 and 2016 and following, all rights reserved worldwide.

This is the Jurassic version of Jaws 3, right down to the blackface billionaire.



ZE: The Point

Zombienomicon Eisegesis is an Extend-A-Story website. It lets you write “Episodes”, which are individual pages of an endless book.

The point of it I guess is that if you are a writer or would-be writer this kind of collaborative approach is a wonderful cure for any writer’s block you may suffer – just jump into something someone else has started and add a little here and there.


Zombie version of Lost in Space vs Star Trek

In the same way Star Trek became a (manufactured) phenomenon the monstrously unoriginal but very safe Walking Dead has attracted fan addiction and kudos.

And in the same way Lost in Space is always considered the retarded camp cousin of Star Trek, Z Nation is the same backwoods retard version of the Walkng Dead, supposedly.

Having watched all of both, I actually prefer Z Nation to be honest. It has a quicker pace, the characters don’t do the same illogical and willfully stupid crap all the time and there aren’t the same number of “special” episodes to let a medium talent actor have his or her moment. It also has a much more interesting world.

Most of the weaknesses are inherited from the Walking Dead comic book, which like most comic books was incredibly derivative in the first place. Z Nation is just rattling along on its own vector, a little like the way Stargate on TV had to make its own road.

Perhaps another example is the Buffy versus Charmed experience. At the height of its mass appeal, each week Buffy would end and people would jones for a fix until next week– leading to Charmed changing its premise and content enough to cater to the Buffy audience. Z Nation helps Walking Dead fans scratch their itch, but it can find its own destiny.

I like Walking Dead too, but don’t suck its dick- it isn’t all that and neither is the 99% other people’s content comic it comes from.


Zombienomicon Eisegesis – PKD International Film Festival version – off to the printers

A major step completed. Several actually. The ZE website is up, people are extending stories and inventing new ones, as desired. The physical graphic novel, the GN part of the GNARG, has gone off to the printers. Ten copies to the film festival for judging, giving away and such. It is more or less done. Whatever happens from here the work is released, the print version soon will be and it is more or less ‘done’. On to other works. But of course ZE itself will now never end.

In terms of entering such a retro (in some ways) work into a category clearly pushing “futuristic” (even though it’s early 1970s technology) wraparound VR headsets, I think it is firmly and properly in the PKD tradition. It’s very much like all those guys in his stories still selling mood organs and having to convert to android manufacture, or galactic pot healers and so on. PKD wasn’t corporatist, and he wasn’t conformist. And he was deeply suspicious of immersive technology of all kinds, witness: Mercerism, the plastic doll gestalt and many more.

Unlike last time when webhosting was entrusted to someone else this time long term webhosting has been arranged so the online extendable version will endure. And as the years go by occasional new writers will deal themselves in, the Tumblr community will grow, and all will be well.

  FUTURE, n. That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured. – Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary