BW3 by ~Fygomatic- Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow

BW3 by ~Fygomatic

Fantastic 3D art – Renderosity et al responsible but the artist is a master. :)
Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow is a very smart move by Disney, and since Johansson relies on her pneumatic charms it isn’t a guilty pleasure to see her do her best to emulate the virtually impossible physique of the contemporary comicbook version of the character.

But check out the DeviantArt pages for the Artist. His kung fu is the best.


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When Swedish researchers at Uppsala University published a theory that there is a cube at the centre of the Earth, nobody took them at all seriously, since their theory evoked visions of a Rubik’s cube Lemarchand’s box out of Hellraiser, or that of Dr Who’s TARDIS in lockdown. Hell, they could of just as well been waxing lyrical, to hypothesise about the undefined shape of the Sampo out of Finnish mythology, as far as the sceptics were concerned.


According to Giorgio de Santillana, professor of the history of science at MIT, and student of mythology, the Sampo and the shamanic world pillar of an axis-mundi, to which is tethered the eight-legged-mare of the shaman, are referring to the precession of the equinox.


In Hamlet’s Mill, co-authored with Hertha von Dechend, the authors find that the Sampo or precession process was believed to grind out different world ages, from the dark…

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Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta #TheFaculty

“Flagpole Sitta”
I had visions, I was in them;
I was looking into the mirror
To see a little bit clearer
The rottenness and evil in me.
Fingertips have memories
Mine can’t forget the curves of your body
And when I feel a bit naughty
I run it up the flagpole and see who salutes (but no one ever does)
I’m not sick but I’m not well
And I’m so hot ’cause I’m in Hell.
Been around the world and found
That only stupid people are breeding
The cretins cloning and feeding
And I don’t even own a TV
Put me in the hospital for nerves
And then they had to commit me
You told them all I was crazy
They cut off my legs, now I’m an amputee,
God damn you
I’m not sick but I’m not well
And I’m so hot ’cause I’m in Hell
I’m not sick but I’m not well
And it’s a sin to live so well
I wanna publish ‘zines
And rage against machines
I wanna pierce my tongue
It doesn’t hurt, it feels fine
The trivial sublime I’d like to turn off time
And kill my mind
You kill my mind, mind
Paranoia, paranoia
Everybody’s coming to get me
Just say you never met me
I’m running underground with the moles (digging holes)
Hear the voices in my head
I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring;
But if you’re bored, then you’re boring.
The agony and the irony: they’re killing me (whoa).
I’m not sick but I’m not well
And I’m so hot ’cause I’m in Hell
I’m not sick but I’m not well
And it’s a sin to live this well (one, two, three, four)

Cancel Your TV Licence Today

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There has never been a better time to cancel your BBC TV Licence. But time may be running out for you to make a lawful protest against the tyranny of the BBC TV Licence fee tax…

Jeremy Clarkson: Freedom to Fracas?

With every new scandal, twist and turn of the state broadcaster comes further evidence that this organisation is corrupt, wasteful and does not serve the interests of those who pay for it.

The most recent controversy is the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson after a bizarrely described ‘fracas’ between himself and an assistant producer. Over ONE MILLION people signed the @GuidoFawkes #BringBackClarkson petition to reinstate Clarkson.

At time of writing there have been mixed reports as to whether Clarkson has been sacked or not. But one thing is absolutely clear: the viewer is way down the pecking order as far as the BBC top brass is concerned. Top Gear was pulled from the schedules…

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