The free download doc version of Foresee Alpha was released yesterday. Today the Kindle version, available for 5 dollars to cover costs and with a color cover, has been released. New versions including in print and other eBook formats will eventually follow as well as ‘variants’ with different artwork.

Meanwhile I’m taking breaks from writing 100s of pages of documents for work… By writing page after page of material for Foresee Alpha’s Campaign Modulator book. :)


Foresee Alpha front cover #4C #Foresee

Front cover for the Foresee Alpha gamebook:

Slight changes made to this but it’s basically the same.

Foresee Alpha #FantasyRPG

Adapted from Phil Reed et al.’s “4C” public domain retroclone game toolkit, I wrote up a gamebook to simulate cartoon / comicbook fantasy roleplaying – more light hearted (sometimes), less violence (sometimes) and more oddball and weird stuff.

Anyway, test doc of the game is ready, click the link to obtain your own copy.

I am still going to have it printed at IndyPlanet as well as do a PDF and Kindle eBook version including artwork.



Greg Stafford on Fantasy

“Fantasy is not so much a suspension of disbelief as it is an acceptance of our own unconsciousness. Fantasy is as old as man, beginning back in our animal history when someone had the first abstract thought. In our Western society, empirical data and rational thought have become the touchstones of experience. This is worse than cutting off half your body. The fantastic is easily half of the universe, whether you count galaxies and nucleotides or court a demon in a pentacle.”

– Greg Stafford.


World of Mystery Calendar

The World of Mystery has several calendars but the one used by civilised folk worldwide uses a system somewhat like the so-called “tzolkin” Mayan calendar. Tzolkin is a confected term invented by mainstream archaelogists but the interlocking cog type calendar it is applied to is real.

In the case of World of Mystery the cogs of the calendar are:

Colour – Zodiac



There are 13 months, simply named by numerical order. Each is 30 days long. Each month is also composed of three tendays – simply “weeks” of ten days each day of which is simply named by its position or absolute number in the month – Fourteenth Day of Eighth Month, or Fourday of Second Tenday, Eighth Month.