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Beware the scourge called Bureaucrats. They alone amongst God’s creatures make pointless rules for sport, or to harm people, or to seek rent, or to give more power to themselves.
Let them not breed in large numbers, lest they destroy their fields- and yours.

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The Intelligence and Security Committee is finally investigating what GCHQ has been up to and will report in due course that everything is fine. It always does.

GCHQ’s operations are technically complex, and during this week’s session with the Shadow Home Secretary one committee member displayed the sort of technical prowess that we’ve come to expect from the political guardians of our liberties from over zealous spooks. On distinguishing between “internal” and “external” interception under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Lord Lothian (Michael Ancram), highlighted exactly the sort of insight you would expect from someone tasked with oversight of GCHQ, whose projects include the subtly named “Mastering the Internet” programme – the £1 billion digital mass surveillance programme that would have made Big Brother’s eyes pop with jealousy. Ancram has been thinking:

“I thought, until about three months ago, that I understood this, until suddenly I start…

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Karma for marxist zionists

21 years on the public teat as a federal politician, followed by 24 years on the public teat on a non-contributory, fully indexed, non-means or assets tested pension based on a senior cabinet minister’s salary, plus travel gold card, plus other perks, and now, at 79, he’s finally required to fork out $600.00 a week of HIS money for his own upkeep.

Oh, the unfairness of it all.


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A Simple Truth; Computer Climate Models Cannot Work


Ockham’s Razor says, “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.”

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Guest opinion by Dr. Tim Ball –

Ockham’s Razor says, “Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.” Usually applied in making a decision between two competing possibilities, it suggests the simplest is most likely correct. It can be applied in the debate about climate and the viability of computer climate models. An old joke about economists’ claims they try to predict the tide by measuring one wave. Is that carrying simplification too far? It parallels the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) objective of trying to predict the climate by measuring one variable, CO2. Conversely, people trying to determine what is wrong with the IPCC climate models consider a multitude of factors, when the failure is completely explained by one thing, insufficient data to construct a model.

IPCC computer climate models are the vehicles of deception for the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) claim that human CO2 is causing global…

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Which DC Comics Movie Are You Looking Forward to Most? (POLL)

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Yesterday at a Time Warner investors meeting, CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced the current lineup of all their DC Cinematic Universe films to 2020. This certainly took some spotlight off of RDJ and Cap 3

Below is the list of films. Which are you most looking forward to? Take your vote!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25, 2016) Directed by Zack Snyder, and will feature Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016) Directed by David Ayer. Purportedly 4 A-listers are in talks to play as-of-yet unknown characters.

Wonder Woman (June 23, 2017) Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she will head the solo-hero films, and will be the first female-led superhero film (unless you count Elektra… or Supergirl).

Justice League Part One (November…

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Amanda Bynes tweets about father’s abuse and microchip in her brain..Now under involuntary psychiatric hold


The silicon chip inside her head is set to overload

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Amanda Bynes posted a series of tweets about her father sexually abusing her and a microchip inside her brain. She was then taken to a hospital in Los Angeles by Sam Lutfi – Britney Spears’ ex-handler who was around her when she had her infamous meltdown.

In my previous articles about Amanda Bynes, I described how she is a clear product of mind control. The title of these articles pretty much sum her road to mind control hell : “Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?”, “Amanda Bynes Detained in Involontary Psychiatric Hold”, and “Amanda Bynes Following in the Footsteps of Britney Spears, Placed Under Conservatorship”.

In the past days, Bynes has been displaying erratic behavior that is typical of a MKULTRA meltdown.


On October 10th, Bynes apparently had a meltdown – or a rare moment of clarity – as she posted “the truth”…

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A still tongue makes a happy life.


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