#MH17 industrial scale coverup: “after the crime, the coverup” – PM Tony Abbott

Remember folks, no one is allowed to research anything lest you be called a “conspiracy theorist” (phrase created 1953 by CIA).

There is no conspiracy theory regarding #MH17 – except the official one!

Yes, like 9/11, 7/7, Barcelona Bombing, Bali Bombing and all the rest: the official version promoted in the lapdog media narrative is in every case… A conspiracy theory.

Mwao mwao.


Malaysian Airlines Plane Crash: Russian Military Unveil Data on #MH17 Incident Over Ukraine (FULL)!


#MH17 here. have some facts.

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  • Published on Jul 21, 2014
    The Russian Defense Ministry holds a press conference on the details of MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine. Defense Ministry reports that on the day of the catastrophe, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the Boeing 777. Calling for Kiev to explain why the fighter jet was tracking the airplane.


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#MH17 : after the lapdog media beatup, normal things keep happening

Despite the CIA / NSA / DISC narrative about the eeevilll Russians, eeeevillll Putin, eevillll rebels, etc. what has actually happened:

Local third world poor Ukraineans have searched the wreckage, stolen some stuff, retrieved all the bodies, preserved the black boxes, kept the CIA assets of OSCE away and sent the bodies to Holland.

There’s no proof the rebels shot MH17 down. There never will be.

The Ukraine government, a wholly owned subsidiary of international mafia, have suppressed all evidence of their own involvement- jets intercepting MH17, their own missile batteries, shipment of rockets from Finland, who paid who, Khazanah Bank assets being present in Ukraine prior to event.

Odds of two planes from the same airline, which is an airline with exceptional losses, being involved in two fatal mass casualty incidents within 140 days: “mind-boggling”.

Unless you were being pressured by governments, intel agencies, international mafia etc. what would YOU do if you were the insurer?


Cui bono?



Franchise Opportunities Available: Before Watchmen and the Evil That Comics Do

Originally posted on Dork Forty!:

Two things happened this past Wednesday: a new Darwyn Cooke comic came out, and I got a Kenneth Branagh movie in the mail from Netflix. Normally, that would be a highlight of my week; I love both those guys, and always look forward to new work from them. But the comic was Before Watchmen, and the movie was Thor. So I found that I just didn’t care.

Actually, that’s not true. I did care. I cared about the men who created both of those concepts, and how they got lied to and ripped off by their publishers. Ripped off even beyond the normal bounds of the rip-off work-for-hire contracts the funnybook business was founded upon. Most comics fans are, I’m sure, familiar with these stories and arguments already. But for the benefit of you lucky normal folk who for reasons unknown choose to subject yourself to my insane ramblings… Let…

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By Selvig’s Chalkboard! More ‘Thor’ sequel Easter eggs

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selvig chalkboard thor the dark world

Right before “Thor: The Dark World” opened, I pointed out some of the hidden secrets from the latest Marvel movie and how its first end credit scene – featuring the Collector, a character from next year’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie – set up a narrative thread that could carry Marvel movies through “Avengers 3″ in 2018.

Turns out there were other Easter eggs also that I’ve been learning about this week thanks to online postings.

The “Cabin in the Woods” whiteboard was a treasure trove of geeky fun for fans of that movie, and the chalkboard Erik Selvig uses to explain the events of the first “Thor” movie are pretty fun too.

Sharp-eyed fans have pointed out the reference on the chalkboard to the “616 Universe,” the name for the Marvel universe all the comic book characters inhabit. Looks like crazy old Selvig knows it exists.

The board also…

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Super-Dreams of an Alternate World Order

… the kind of condescending dismissal practiced by Wilson and the cultural panic expressed by Wertham exist nowadays almost entirely as straw men. A critic who voices skepticism about a comic book movie — or any other expensive, large-scale, boy-targeted entertainment — is likely to be called out for snobbery or priggishness, to be accused of clinging to snobbish, irrelevant standards and trying to spoil everyone else’s fun.

What the defensive fans fail or refuse to grasp is that they have won the argument. Far from being an underdog genre defended by a scrappy band of cultural renegades, the superhero spectacle represents a staggering concentration of commercial, corporate power. The ideology supporting this power is a familiar kind of disingenuous populism. The studios are just giving the people what they want! Foolproof evidence can be found in the box office returns: a billion dollars! Who can argue with that? Nobody really does. Superhero movies are taken seriously, reviewed respectfully and enjoyed by plenty of Edmund Wilson types.

A still tongue makes a happy life.


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